From the Blood of Old Valyria….

A few months ago, I did a bit of a re-watch of the final season of Game of Thrones. I got a brand new television, and I wanted to see some awesome action with a clearer picture. Of course, I was one of those people who was a bit disappointed in the series finale, but after a re-watch, I wasn’t too upset. I do think Daenerys had a pretty lousy end scene. (I am still disappointed the last scene of the show was her re-awakening as THE NIGHT QUEEN … that would have been EPIC!!!) Over the years, I have had many custom requests of Daenerys in her different costumes, so I thought it would be fun to create a few of these “Costumes of Game of Thrones” female cross stitch patterns! I also did my other two favorites, Sansa and Cersei! Next up is Arya once I perfect her “tousled yet boy-ish yet different” look from seasons 2 and 3. (She’s basically in the same outfit! UGH!) Who is your favorite? I really loved making Cersei’s costume transformation since she really went through a lot!

Daenerys Targaryen Cross Stitch Pattern

Cersei Lannister Cross Stitch Pattern

Sansa Stark Cross Stitch


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