5 Years Strong!

knottybytes is five years old!  What a ride it has been, and I am loving it more and more every day.  I started this business because I had so many patterns in a notebook, and I can’t believe I have people who actually want to stitch something that I created.  It’s really fulfilling and so amazing.  

I’ve never been an “artistic” person, but these patterns are like my little corner of pop art.  I never thought I would have almost 1500 sales!  I’m so grateful every day.  

At the beginning of the year, I was planning on releasing more patterns in July to celebrate the 5 year milestone, but the pandemic got in the way of things.  In March, I lost my full-time job and became a stay at home mom/teacher for 2 children under 6 in the same week.  I have been able to create some new characters and physically stitch, but I just need to set a chunk of time for myself at least once a week.  

I’m currently working on a pattern for The Mandalorian.  I had hoped to have a pattern for the new Wonder Woman 84 movie and The Witcher TV show.  Here’s hoping I have more time to myself in the coming weeks.  However, I am always into custom patterns if you are interested!  Slide into my etsy DM’s if you’re looking for something fun and new!

Here’s one of my favorite small patterns: Tony and Morgan Stark “I Love You, 3000” which you can purchase here!

I hope you are all staying happy and healthy in such an uncertain time.

Please enjoy 10% Off my entire shop until 7/31/20! (Sorry, custom orders are not part of the sale!)

Happy stitching!  Get knotty! xo


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