Star Wars Rebels!

For many years, my pal, Brandon, told me how awesome Star Wars Rebels was. I had watched The Clone Wars, but I knew that they were going to make a FINAL season. I didn’t want to jump in to Rebels until I knew the ENDING of The Clone Wars! Would Ahsoka survive? What about Captain Rex? ORDER 66 — how would make it? So yes, once Dave Filoni and crew fulfilled their promise for an amazing ending, I dove deep into the Rebels series. Wow, I loved all of the characters, (even Ezra, lol) and knew this would be a great pattern.

I may be late to some of the Star Wars party, but I can gladly say that I am now up to date! Currently, I am playing a bit of Jedi Fallen Order, so I’m getting even more content. Who is your favorite Rebel? I really love Sabine, but also Zeb!

You can purchase my Star Wars Rebel pattern here!

Happy Stitching! Get knotty!


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