The Phantom Menace

A few weeks ago, I finished watching The Clone Wars on Netflix. It was such an amazing show, and it really bridged the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. I just kept shaking my head while watching because IT WAS SO GOOD, and as much as I defend the prequels, let’s be honest, they could have been so much better. Then I find out that George Lucas was a main developer of the series with his ideas and whatnot. UGH WHY GEORGE, WHY?

Anyway, I have had on my back burner (3 years now) a Phantom Menace pattern. I don’t expect many people to buy it because let’s face it, it is the worst Star Wars movie, but it was more of a challenge than anything for me to FINISH THE THING! Every once in a while, I get a random message from someone asking if I would create prequel patterns (since I have patterns for all of the other movies). I tried a few out that were small, but they never seemed to get popular.

Now the obvious elephant in the room: I didn’t want to design Jar Jar Binks. I remember making my Star Wars Alphabet pattern and put the mandate on NO JAR JAR! In fact, I decided to make the BIGGEST character, Jabba the Hutt, for the letter J just to avoid Jar Jar. Also, I had no idea how I was going to do Darth Maul. He is wearing all black with his crazy face, and you must have him holding the lightsaber with his left hand like the iconic pose from the movie …. how do I do that? So I finally faced my fears and went into design mode! I am actually really happy on how Jar Jar looks! Darth Maul was a struggle since he is mostly wearing a kilt type outfit along with a cape … so I did the best I could! I got mad love for you, Padme!

The Phantom Menace Pattern


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