For the Honor of Grayskull!

When I was a girl, I absolutely LOVED She-Ra! This should not come as a shock to anyone considering how 1) I kind of looked like her 2) she was a bad-ass warrior woman WITH A SWORD 3) she lived in a forest with crazy colors and everyone had awesome hair!

If you are not a child of the 80s, then you might have missed out on He-Man and She-Ra. Luckily for us all, they re-booted it and made the characters better than ever! I’m not going to lie – watching your favorite cartoons as an adult is … interesting, but I still love this show.

I kept all of my She-ra figures and now Audrey plays with them. Santa visited with the entire set during Christmas!

A few years ago, I was a part of the Matty Etheria Club and bought many awesome sculpted toys. I have a few still boxed, but yeah, my kids love the shows while playing action figures.

I loved designing this pattern, and I’m excited to see the final season starting next week!

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power cross stitch


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