Who You Gonna Call?

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2016-08-01I love it when customers send me a picture of their knottybytes creations!  I always loved the original Ghostbusters as a kid (Winston was my favorite of course), so I had to make a pattern of the new and improved Female Ghostbusters of 2016.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but what can you do when you have a 2.5 year old and are 8 months pregnant — spare time is hard to find!!!  Anyway, I absolutely love how this turned out!  The creator found these stickers on etsy and decorated the frame as a gift.  How inventive and special!  You can’t really tell, but the background Aida is a light pink.  It looks so wonderful, and I hope the recipient loved it!

With my due date quickly approaching, I’ll be a bit off the grid with new patterns.  I hope to have spare time, but I doubt it!  Perhaps I will be inspired for some new patterns in my hiatus!

If you want to check out my Ghostbusters pattern, you can find it here!



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