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X-men Alphabet Cross StitchJean design paperI’m an old-school kind of person, meaning, I like doing things in non-tech ways.  That may seem archaic now, but I still love designing with pen and grid paper.  When I was pregnant with Audrey, I was knitting, knitting, knitting trying to make winter blankets and hats for my upcoming bundle of joy!  I used to cross stitch when I was younger, but I saw some really cool things on etsy and started making fun things for Audrey’s bedroom.  I made a girl themed cross stitch with fun female characters.  I have been collecting X-men comics since age 9, so I have my own X-men room in the house full of all my comics, toys, and other stuff.  I made myself an X-men themed cross stitch, and love it!

I have a little black grid book full of my designs, and I use it all the time.  Do people still use pen and paper or only computer?  I’ve been in a Game of Thrones mood lately, but I am going back to my roots, X-men!

I have my X-men themed alphabet that I need to get into the computer, but I figured I’d make some small patterns.  I just finished my Original X-men cross stitch pattern, and I will then do a New X-men team featuring the Gigantic Size X-men #1 team.  There are so many characters in the X-men universe that I can probably sketch forever.

Also in geek news, I pretty much imploded once I saw the Star Wars: Rogue One cast photo and Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster…. SQUEE!  I have some ideas for a Star Wars cross stitch, but it is hard to do once you don’t know anything about any of the new characters other than their names.

Check out The Original X-men cross stitch pattern!

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