Stranger Things!

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It’s officially FALL in Indiana, which means hay rides, pumpkin spice lattes, PURDUE FOOTBALL, and the Netflix fan favorite, Stranger Things!  Ironically, Stranger Things has a lot of X-men Dark Phoenix Saga allusions (believe me, I know!) and that made me fall in love with the show even more!  I am not good with watching horror or suspense because I’m a huge chicken, but I was able to watch this show primarily because I knew it would totally follow the Dark Phoenix Saga (which it did).  Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny that the show was set in 80’s Hawkins, Indiana (a fictional town) since I too grew up in the 80’s.  Anyway, this show became a phenomenon, and I knew I had to stitch it!  I had a lot of fun designing the Demogorgon the most because I had to face my fears of watching it over and over again.  You can’t forget Barb!  (unlike Nancy… some best friend she is!)  Of course the star of the show is Eleven, and I almost added her bloody nose while holding an Eggo, but I decided against it.  I finally found some 14 count black Aida at Joann’s Fabrics a few weeks ago, and I was sad that I had already started this pattern on a white cloth.  Oh well, I love it, and hope you do too!

If you want to buy my finished Stranger Things cross stitch, check it out here!

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