Stranger Things 2 Pattern

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It took me almost a month…. but here she is, my new FAVORITE pattern: Stranger Things 2!  I usually can’t watch horror movies, but I really love this show and all of the characters.  Sure, it is basically the X-men Dark Phoenix Saga, but hey, it is ok, that is probably what makes me love it more!  The nostalgia!  The clothes!  The characters!  I could definitely see myself growing up in fictional Hawkins, Indiana…. and based on the show, it is close to West Lafayette, Indiana, the home of my favorite Purdue Boilermakers!  It took me a long time to figure out the Mind Flayer image.  At first, I debated whether or not to include the night sky, but I really think you need the dark reds and orange hues to really see the monster.  Also, I’m not going to lie, my first designs looked more like an angry lobster than a menacing smoke monster.  Another struggle was the number two and making it pop within the logo and Mind Flayer above it.  I loved the new characters this season: (Hello, Bob “The Brain,” and I am sorry I mis-judged you) but the obvious favorite had to be the new redhead spitfire, Mad Max with her skateboard and tomboy-ish ness.  I even liked the “Goth” Eleven episode that many people disliked.  I am still a little sour that Eleven’s real name is Jane and not Jean like her X-men namesake, but whatever …. you know what they say, “I am Power and Life Incarnate, now and forever, bitches!”  (Well, almost).  I’m very excited for Stranger Things 3 (which will probably mean Mind Flayer is gonna somehow possess Eleven for some real Dark Phoenix action…. we will see what the Duffer Brothers come up with.)  Now I’m gonna go eat some leftover Three Musketeers candy from Halloween and start stitching on a black Aida cloth!

You Can Purchase My Stranger Things 2 Pattern Here!

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