Stitching! Stitching! Stitching!

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INew Game of Thronest’s been a pretty crazy few weeks!  I’ve been working on a lot of miscellaneous projects, and they have been turning out great!  I finished my Princess Cross Stitch for my daughter’s new bedroom; I finished The Force Awakens cross stitch for my friend’s upcoming baby boy, and I also finished my Star Wars Alphabet for my son’s new room.  Yes, I’m pregnant and due in the Fall!  I’m pretty excited to have a son, and I’m even more excited to pass on my lifelong obsession with Marvel comics (my daughter isn’t into it… yet).  It’s also my favorite time of the year: GAME OF THRONES SUNDAY!  We have been having our best friends come over for 5 years now where we enjoy delicious food and crazy television!!!  I have updated my Game of Thrones pattern, and I am most proud of the Iron Throne!!!  Other favorites include Septa Unella (with bell), Eddard Stark (with Ice), and the “come at me, crow” Night King!

Check it Out!  My New Game of Thrones Cross Stitch Pattern

I’ve always loved cross stitching, but my least favorite part is ironing the pattern once it is finished.  I am horrible at ironing, but luckily, my mom is an expert and only lives 5 minutes away!  The woman is a miracle worker.  My biggest pet peeve with my finished projects is the hoop marks.  I’ve tried it all getting those marks out when ironing, but they never get out.  Lately, I’ve been stitching with no hoop, and I’m really happy with how things are looking!  The next hardest part is finding a suitable frame.  I’m glad my husband has good sense with frames.

Currently, I’m working on a surprise baby girl alphabet for one of my dearest friends and am always working on my Xena pattern as a back up.  The new baby will be here before I know it, so there is just so much stitching to do before he arrives!!!

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