R + L = J? Cross Stitch Pattern

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You’ve read the books, and you’ve watched all five seasons of the epic series Game of Thrones…. and you have been wondering, who exactly is Jon Snow?  The popular fan theory can be yours now!

What happened all those years ago when Lyanna Stark died on a bed of blood in the Tower of Joy?  Was she Rhaegar’s prisoner or his lover?  Was she murdered by The Mad King’s Kingsguard or did she die giving birth?  These questions have not been answered, but many people have speculated that Rhaegar and Lyanna were in love during this tumultuous time.

(Personally, I believe R+L=J does exist but it is ROBERT BARATHEON and NOT Rhaegar.  Why you ask?  I find it ironic that both Lyanna and Robert died the exact same way.  A bed of blood, the Kingsguard around, and both saying “Promise me, Ned” as their final words.  Seriously, George r.r. Martin wouldn’t make it so obvious, would he?)

Anyway, if this story entertains you, go buy my pattern and put it on your wall!

R+L=J Game of Thrones Cross Stitch Pattern

R+L=J? Pattern Game of Thrones Cross Stitch
R+L=J? Pattern Game of Thrones Cross Stitch

Happy Stitching! Get knotty!


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