PJ Masks Save The Day!

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My kids are like all the other kids in the world who love the PJ Masks.  Considering I am a huge superhero genre fan, this makes me very happy (even if I don’t necessarily like this show that much).  My daughter specifically requested a new pattern for her dresser, so I had to listen to my baby, right?  Audrey has an Owlette coat and loves “flying” around the playground with it.  I’m pretty sad that she is almost too big for it, and she will be devastated when it won’t fit anymore.  Vincent is the youngest in our little group and totally looks like Gekko.  He has blonde hair and is so stout and muscular.  My best friend’s son, Drew, is the oldest and is the leader.  As you can see from the picture to the left, this is the best picture I could get of three kids at the same time.  I tried everything, but no, they wouldn’t cooperate.  At least they had fun and didn’t fight!  (Always a win-win in my book.)  A few months ago, I bought some black cloth Aida at Joann’s Fabrics, and I used one on my Stranger Things 2 pattern.  Since this show takes place in the night, I figured I’d use it for this pattern too.  I love how the bright colors pop.  I’m really happy with this one, and so is my little lady!

Do you need some PJ Masks in your life?  This one was pretty fast for me to make with only about 2 weeks time.

I included the PJ Masks at night and at day if your kids like both in my listing!

Check out my PJ MASKS Pattern here!


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