New Sales for Cyber Week 2018!

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Happy Almost Thanksgiving!  Every year I have a Cyber Week sale, and I am excited to kick off this year with a new pattern that I have been toying with for a while — Harry Potter with his Friends and Enemies!  I remember when I first discovered Harry Potter, and it was right before the first movie came out.  I was a sophomore in college working the Thanksgiving shift as a pharmacy technician, and there were zero customers coming in to fill their prescriptions.  My mom gave me a book to read while I was on my way out the door, and I read the entire first book in a day!  (Not all while at work, hahaha!)  I loved the world of Hogwarts and the fun characters!  There are a lot of Harry Potter patterns out there (and they are VERY good) so I always hesitated making one since they all kind of look the same.  I think my specialty is Marvel Comics stuff and Star Wars, but my friend, Sarah, asked me to make up a Harry Potter pattern.  She made a great point, “None of the patterns have any of the beasts or animals.”  So with that, I had to go out of the box.  I started off with the Basilisk (her son’s favorite bad guy) and made him as a scary border.  I then attempted to make Sirius as a shaggy black wolf-dog and Lupin as a crazy huge werewolf.  NOTE:  Werewolves are so hard!  At one point, he looked like a rat wolf.  Ugh.  I hope you enjoy if you want to visit my land of Hogwarts inspired people and creatures!

This week, my etsy shop has all patterns at 20% off with FREE SHIPPING in the US for any finished cross stitch gifts.  I wished I had made more this year, but of course, my children wanted me to make them new things for their rooms, and hence, I just don’t have enough hands.

Stranger Things Finished Cross Stitch For Sale Here!

Black Panther Finished Cross Stitch For Sale Here!

Xena & Friends Finished Cross Stitch For Sale Here!

X-men Alphabet Sampler Finished Cross Stitch For Sale Here!

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