My tiny Superheroine!

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IMG_2085 PICSI’ve always loved comic books and have always collected toys.  One of my fondest childhood memories is when my Dad found a Wonder Woman figure for me back when it was nearly impossible finding a female action figure.  Pretty much from that moment on, I have always made an effort on always buying female action figures even if I don’t like the character just to show the toy companies that female characters are wanted.  (You should see the piles of letters I have from toy companies in response to me writing them for more female characters.)  I was a bit obsessed with Wonder Woman as a girl and even dressed up as her for 2 Halloweens in a row.  These two pictures crack me up since they are about 30 years apart from each other.  Wonder Woman lives on!  I’ll say the lasso for my daughter has been an adjustment for our poor dog, but she loves wearing it.

IMG_3067IMG_3066A few months ago, I was in Target and I saw a FULL LINE of action figures called DC SuperHero Girls.  You bet I bought every single one!  Sure, I won’t give them to Audrey most likely for a few years, but I just had to have them.  (I am now regretting that I didn’t buy the dolls too).  Last week when I was in my local comic book store, I saw this new comic and had to but it for my little one.  Sure, she’s only 2.5 and can’t read, but she has been enjoying taking the comic with her for potty training.  (Comic books and potty training go very well together I will say.)  With the new Suicide Squad movie coming out in a few weeks, I think DC is about to have a resurgence in popularity, and I appreciate the all-female toy line and TV show tie-in.  I just can’t wait to watch it once it becomes available for sale!

Slide1I had to make a new pattern showcasing these awesome characters!  I hope you like it!  We’ve got the Katana, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Bumblebee, and Harley Quinn.  Check out my listing in my shop at this link!

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