May The Force Be With You, Always!

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“The choices we make. The actions we take. Moments both big and small shape us into FORCES OF DESTINY.” Last year, I was walking around Target when I saw this gigantic new display of Star Wars dolls from a new line called “Forces of Destiny.”  I wanted to buy every single doll since I’m a collector, but I waited since I didn’t know if my daughter would like Star Wars.  Well, that was short-lived, Ha!  I later found out that Forces of Destiny was a series of animated shorts following all the female heroes in the Star Wars galaxy.  I have been REALLY out of the game of my entire Star Wars obsession in the last few years regarding characters.  I don’t have TV, so I didn’t know anything about the Star Wars Rebels show.  (I never watched The Clone Wars animated series).  Anyway, after a few conversations with some fellow nerds, I got up to speed on this new series!  I was really excited that Padme would be featured (I love her, I don’t care what anyone says) and of course Leia and Rey for the new fans.  I had no idea who Ahsoka Tano was (I thought she was Shaak Ti from Episode III, but was wrong, seriously, don’t they look almost exactly the same??) or Hera Syndulla or Sabine Wren.  Last week, my daughter came home from school and asked to watch Star Wars.  I didn’t know when to start showing the movies to her, but apparently every kid in her class has already watched the movies.  So I started with A New Hope, and we got half way through before she got too tired.  HOWEVER, she has pretty much memorized everything she had seen so far.  Now my car rides and bath times consist of this conversation:

“Hey Mommy!  Hey Mommy!  HEY MOMMY!”

Me: “What???”

“Did you know that Luke Skywalker’s father was a Jedi knight until he was destroyed by Darth Vader?”

Me: “Uhhhhh, yes, yes, I did know that.”

It makes me laugh every time because she says it so matter-of-factly.

So that takes me to FORCES OF DESTINY!  One day after school as I was making dinner, I found the show on YouTube and started playing them.  She was completely engrossed and obsessed.  Now she knows all the female characters and is starting to put things together on her own.

“Mommy!  MOMMY, did you know that Ahsoka’s teacher is Yoda and Anakin Skywalker?  Does Anakin know Luke?  They have the same last name!”

I mean, this has been conversation gold.  Last year, I made my Star Wars Alphabet pattern for my son’s room (which you can see here), and now she wants her own Star Wars cross stitch.  So with her help, I bring to you my new pattern!

For all those girls fighting the good fight in a galaxy far, far away, please enjoy FORCES OF DESTINY!

You can see my Forces of Destiny pattern here!

May The Force Be With You!

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