L O S T Custom Pattern

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LOST character cross stitchL O S T started when I graduated college, and it definitely piqued my interest since it was a mysterious show with many comic book type elements.  I fell in love with some of the main characters (Hurley was by far my favorite character of the first season followed by Sawyer) and even loved to hate some of them.  I got a request from a repeat customer on a Lost pattern highlighting some of her favorite characters of the show.  I really got into making this pattern, but I did find some difficulty with some of the men since they seem to wear similar clothing.  How do you distinguish three characters who wear blue shirts and khaki pants?  Hopefully, I did a good job!  I am most proud of my Smoke Monster creation!  Even though the show jumped the shark (season 3 for me) and became even more weird, I still have fond memories of streaming the show on my Xbox 360 (even after getting the red ring of death at one point) and coming up with fun theories on the ending.

Check it out!

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