Jem and The Holograms are TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

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jenpizzazzI will admit it, I miss Saturday morning cartoons.  Can you remember waking up, running to the tv and watching all the great shows while your parents were occupied doing other things?  Some of my favorite childhood memories involve these special mornings.  I wrote a blog about this 5 years ago which you can read here.  One of my all-time favorite cartoons is Jem and The Holograms!  How could you not love this show filled with intrigue, fashion, and music?  To this day, I get these songs stuck in my head.  A few years ago, I went as Pizzazz, the meanest Misfit (and possibly the meanest cartoon character of all-time… truly, she tries to MURDER people…. whoa).  My favorite character was Aja since she was Asian, and as a half-Asian kid in the 80’s, it was pretty rare seeing an Asian woman with blue hair.  I then became obsessed with Mynx from the Stingers since she had super straight blonde hair like me!  At the time, I was an only child, and I had almost all of the dolls and would play the cassette tapes every night.

knottyjemhologramschildCheck out this “gem” of a picture of me hanging out with my favorite toys while listening to the tape…. I really think this is the only time I ever sat still as a kid.  Anyway, the new Jem and the Holograms movie comes out this weekend, and I will not be seeing it.  Even though I don’t have time (nor patience) to see the teen drama, I hope it does well.  If you want to see the trailer, you can watch it here on YouTube.  I didn’t even recognize Molly Ringwald at all.  Thankfully, I have the Jem and the Holograms box set, so I can watch any episode from my childhood whenever I want!  I’m a sucker for “Midsummer Night’s Madness,” since it has my favorite song of all time “Can’t Get My Love Together” in it along with Greek Gods and Goddesses!  They just don’t make cartoons like they used to.  (Believe me, I know.  Maybe this means we need to get cable again!)

I have been stitching these Jem and the Holograms themed cross stitch patterns, and I hope you enjoy them!

Here are 3 of the patterns I have for sale on my etsy page!

Jem and the Holograms Cross Stitch by knottybytes

The Misfits Cross Stitch by knottybytes

The Stingers Cross Stitch by knottybytes

Have a great weekend!  Happy stitching and Get Knotty!

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