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Man, I still can’t get over the Avengers Infinity War movie.  Nowadays, I don’t watch trailers because I know it is trying to trick me or spoil me.  I like going into these epics with a free mind.  (I will definitely break this rule once the Dark Phoenix trailer comes out…. but that is my life-long dream movie coming to life and it is allowed).  The only trailer I saw was during the Super Bowl, and that was it!  This movie was just so epic and a ten-year in the making achievement.  I really have to praise the creators and all involved with these movies because they absolutely nailed this story.  Anyway, I really don’t want to say much about the movie because even though everyone has probably seen it, I don’t want to be that person fan-gurling over every scene with my comic book ideas.  I already have to deal with my mother calling me and asking me for comic book references since she wants to know what happens in the next movie.  Pepperony?  M’Kraan Crystal similarities?  Adam Warlock?  Dudes, I can’t help you, and we just have to wait until May 2019!  (Next year is going to be amazing for me with Dark Phoenix, Infinity War 2, and GAME OF THRONES!)

I already have an Avengers pattern, which is one of my most popular in my shop.  Essentially, I added as many characters as I could to make this masterpiece!  I was thrilled with how Thanos looks, and I really worked hard on getting him to look perfect.  I also enjoyed making the HULKBUSTER.  I basically updated all my favorite Marvel characters from other various patterns I have in my shop.  The only one I didn’t add was War Machine because a) I wanted Spider-Man to have those tentacles and b) I just have never really liked War Machine and didn’t really care to make him with all the guns and silver-on-silver.  I just don’t think he has a dynamic design.  (As you can see in all my patterns, I try to use as much color as possible to make an interesting representation.)

I started re-watching all the movies in order, and I just love them all.  I just finished watching Iron Man 2 last night, and I had to give it a better review this time around.  Initially, I disliked it, but it is such a fun movie!  Well, it was 8 years ago, and I haven’t slept much since then with two kids and all, ha!


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