In A Rut!

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Do you ever get in a creative rut?  Unfortunately for me, I have been in a cross stitching funk lately! I’ve been going through some crazy things in my personal life as well, so there is that to add.  It ain’t easy raising two kids, having a full-time job on top of trying to have a side business along with new health issues and family changes.  But hey, my life is always complicated, so boom, let’s get knotty!

I might be strange, but in July I usually start knitting my Christmas presents for the year.  (The saying Christmas in July truly means something to me I suppose!)  With that, I use a lot of creative energy and TIME knitting, knitting, knitting!  Also, my friends like to entice me with projects and extra cash, so I am definitely working hard for that money!  I am currently working on a baby blanket for a baby due in September.  I originally created a basic 90 CO blanket with basic stitches, but I hated how it turned out.  The sides kept coming up, and I knew I would have to separately knit a border and attach to the blanket as well.  I’m the type of crafter that if I don’t like how something looks, no matter how far I am, I will start over until I am happy with it.

I am so happy that I did because the new project already looks 100x better than the original.

I am using the Diamond Blanket pattern in this book, Baby Knits Made Easy by DK.  It has a built in border already, and it is perfect for color changing yarn.  What do you think?  So far, I’ve used about half of one skein.  I have 3 total purchased but may need to go buy some more.

I am also scheduled to make stockings for a family for the Christmas holiday, but I am anxiously awaiting the “family” pattern to see what this will entail.  As a person who has only made baby booties, I am a bit worried to be honest.  Well, when you’re the only person who knows how to knit, you are a hot commodity!

Last week, I reached out to my friends and favorite customers on a new idea I had for a fun cross stitch pattern.  I have had a few requests to make a Female Alphabet Sampler showcasing amazing women in history.  I am presently working with one of my besties on making her an heirloom piece for her daughter.  We are still working out who will be on the sampler, but I’m assuming it will have famous females like Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, etc.  I’m so excited to work on it!  Who do you think should be on the pattern?

I am currently creating a SUPERSTAR Alphabet cross stitch pattern.  It is predominantly female (with one male so far, and you can guess who he is since he is THE KING, and of course he is on there) and I’ve been having a blast!  I feel like some of my creative juices are coming back.  The hard part now is figuring out the looks of the women since many of them are similar yet different.  (I’m looking at you, Lady GaGa and Madonna who just happen to be next to each other via this thing called the alphabet, ha)

Here’s a sneak peek of Ms. Kitty Kat, Katy Purrrrry, haha.  I love the cupcake boobs.  Just saying!

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