“I am Moana of Motunui!”

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It has been a crazy few months in the land of knottybytes.  The winter months have faded, and now spring is here!  (HOORAY!!)  I’ve only added a few new patterns to the shop lately.  It is time to meet MOANA!  It is no lie that my daughter is obsessed with this movie, (and I am 100% ok with it) and all of the special characters on her hero’s journey.  I had been working on this pattern for a while, but I just couldn’t get Maui just right.  One day, it hit me like lightning, BOOM, and I finally figured out his tattoos!  I thought about adding Moana’s entire family, but I think the pattern works better with just her friends.  Besides, I can’t watch the movie without bursting into tears anyway, so I can’t imagine making a pattern with her Grandma Tala.  For those that don’t know, Grandma Tala is a SPITTING IMAGE of my mother, so of course I get emotional with this movie.  I can’t even get through the first song without breaking down into tears with the hula dancing by the water.  Seriously Disney!?!  Well, as a half Filipino, I am just so happy that there is finally a Polynesian princess who looks like my people! (even though I don’t technically look like my people, but that is beside the point.)


I hope you enjoy!  You can purchase my Moana pattern in my etsy shop!

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