Happy Stitching! Get Knotty!

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knottybytes logoHello world!  I am so excited to start out this new website for knottybytes.com!

For those who know me, I have been blogging for over twelve years now (yikes!) and can follow my personal escapades on http://www.goddessbnl.com

So why knottybytes?

Lately, Matt and I have been doing various projects to unleash some creativity on the world.  He has been teaching himself about websites, usability, and marketing within his job.  I have been creating cross-stitch patterns for years and have now found an outlet for this creativity.
Girly Alphabet Cross Stitch  When I was pregnant with Audrey, I created a girly cross-stitch for her bedroom to teach her the alphabet.  Now that she is starting to learn about her letters, I can now teach them to her with fun anecdotes about some of my favorite female characters in geek/pop culture!  I’m not going to lie, some of the letters were a bit difficult to come up with (especially the letter N which started out being Nocturne from X-men comics and ended up being Neytiri from Avatar… seriously, so hard!)  I also created an X-men inspired pattern, which I have hanging in my own personal office/comic book haven.  I have made some patterns for other friends, and these friends have asked why I don’t start my own craft etsy store online.

With that, it gave me a great idea to start a shop!  I am currently creating an Alphabet Sampler of Game of Thrones Characters (ALIVE and another for DEAD!) and hope to have this available online soon!  I will be selling the cross-stitch patterns only and not an actual finished product.

My hope is that I can create custom patterns for customers to give them exactly what they want.  For example, in my upcoming Game of Thrones sampler, I have Melisandre as the M.  Perhaps someone would rather have Missandei?  I totally get it!

I am doing this for fun and don’t plan to quit my day job.
IMG_1775IMG_9304Overall, I hope it gives joy to others.  Eventually, I hope to create my own knitting patterns as well and link on both Ravelry and etsy.  It’s easy knitting cute things for your cute little girl, wouldn’t you say?  I can’t believe how much miss Audrey has grown!  On the left, she is modeling a sweater for when she is 3 (2 years away), and the right shows a sweater dress for when she was 6-9 months.  (Note: these are not my patterns, but at least you can see how awesome I am, right?)

So please check back often and let me know if you have any suggestions!

Happy Stitching and Get knotty!






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