Custom Requests And Some New Finished Pieces!

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I absolutely love getting custom requests!  My favorite customer always like to keep my on my toes by designing new and fun characters every few weeks.  Last week, I got a new request for a Star Wars inspired custom cross stitch.  I usually only design custom patterns because of my busy work schedule and two young kids, but the skies parted, and I had some extra time!  This piece will be for her young daughter, and it’s a sweet song between the two of them.  Isn’t that just precious?  I regularly pinch myself when I hear from customers on how much they loved making my patterns, and it is truly fulfilling.  Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m a creative person, but then I get a sweet note, and I feel 100%!  Here are some awesome things that customers have shared with me of some pretty unique creations!

As I mentioned before, I generally don’t have the time to physically cross stitch designed for a finished piece, but if the piece is the right size, and I have the time, I might be able to!  No harm in asking!

For pricing purposes: I generally charge between $5-$10 for a custom design pattern.  As for actual creations, it depends on the materials needed (Aida cloth, floss, etc) + labor.  If you are interested in something small, send me a message!


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