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harlan gambitSome of my co-workers have jumped on the cross-stitching wagon.  It has been pretty funny seeing people you wouldn’t imagine cross stitching, so that has been very fun.  I’m working on two custom orders right now, and it has been very entertaining!  (Superheroes and Paw Patrol!)  One of my co-workers is such a goofy guy, and he likes doing things that make people laugh.  He saw some of us ladies cross-stitching on a break, and he wanted to try it.  Apparently, he got hooked since it relaxed him.  Hey, needlepoint isn’t just for women, right?  At least he will understand how to sew a button.  I think it is very relaxing, and you’re using your mind and doing math at the same time.  So yes, this picture happened after he finished his first project.  I don’t know what he is going to do with it, but he sure was impressed by it.  I’m always working on superhero things, so I’m attempting a Marvel character alphabet soon.  I’m so happy that Marvel now creates main stream movies, so people are aware of these characters!  I have so many favorites that it is sometimes too hard to choose.  Remember, if you have any custom ideas, send me a request on etsy, and I’ll see what I can do!

Make Mine Marvel!  Ha!

Happy stitching! Get knotty!

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