Custom Frames Are An Investment

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Star Wars Alphabet Finished FrameA few weeks ago, I finished my Star Wars Alphabet cross stitch pattern for my upcoming son’s room!  I am so pleased with how everything (and everyone on the pattern) looks.  Sometimes I wonder if I should have used a different Leia from her standard white costume, but as my friend Loni said, “I’d be hesitant to buy a pattern with Slave Leia on it if I had a daughter since it can be viewed as sexual,” which is why I have friends like Loni to tell me these opinions, ha!  I took my cross stitch (after ironing) to my local Michael’s store with my friend, Ashley, and we picked an awesome matte and frame!  Our baby room is gray, so everything goes with gray in my opinion, but picking the matte proved a bit more difficult.  I could have purchased a standard frame, but it looked gigantic in order to get the sides just right and even.  I made my pattern with the 16 count AIDA, and I just love all of the colors that pop!  The hardest part of the custom framing experience is the cost.  I’m not going to lie, it’s expensive, but if you are making an heirloom piece, it is totally worth it!


Cost Breakdown of Project:

Pattern = $8.00

DMC Floss if buying every color estimate 39 cents per floss (no coupon) = $32.00

Custom Frame with Matte = $126.00

Total Cost = $166.00

Family Heirloom and Stitching from January to May = PRICELESS


Have a wonderful weekend!  I posted a new listing for a Finished X-men Alphabet that I had for my comic book room.  Now that I no longer have a comic book room, this one has to go!  Buy now for your favorite superhero!

Finished X-men Cross Stitch

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