A Song of Ice And Fire!

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If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones fan!  I’ve read the books, I’ve watched the shows, heck, I have met some of the actors at cons (Yassss The Hound and Khal Drogo).  I always had my own theories, and most of them have been de-bunked, but SEASON 8 IS ALMOST HERE!  I have said from the beginning that the person who gets the Iron Throne is going to be someone most everyone hates like THEON or SANSA (umm, I love Sansa!) while Arya cuts her list down, Cersei gets what is coming to her (also have mad love for Cersei, don’t @ me, ha!) while Dany and Jon kill lots of White Walkers to try to save Westeros and Humanity!  I’d be ok with Bronn getting the Iron Throne too.

I’ve read comic books all my life, so I really love George r.r. Martin’s writing and how he leaves you bread crumbs in a small scene in Book 1 that completely obliterate your thoughts and opinions in consequent books.  I was never a fan of R+L = J where R was Rhaegar.  I always wanted it to be Robert.  Why?  I don’t know, I thought it would have been more shocking that way.  But again, it’s a Song of Fire and Ice, and you need them both.  I really don’t like Lyanna Stark.  She is a home-wrecking, wanna-be knight, secretive hoe!

In other news, my computer has been on the wonky end of things lately.  I updated all of my software, which made NOTHING work.  This is the first pattern I’ve made since November with the new software, so I hope it looks the same!

If you are a fan of Jon Snow loving Daenerys, this one is for you!

Please enjoy my yearly Easter haiku, lol.

It’s Easter, bitches!

Time for Ham and Jesus Christ,

Game of Thrones Sunday!

Jon Snow & Daenerys

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